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Property Management

Maintaining your office space can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Our Property Management experts take the stress of dealing with multiple service providers off your shoulders by offering a unique service consolidation platform for all of your requests. The experienced professionals at SSO can help you through every stage of the property management process, from renting office space at Hall of the States to construction and building maintenance.

Every tenant has different needs. Whether you need help with a large scale interior design project or simply with changing a light bulb in the kitchen, the SSO property management team provides the flexibility and customization you need whenever you need it.

We’re happy to provide assistance with building operations and maintenance issues including, but not limited to:

  • Office and restroom cleaning
  • Trash and recycling pickup
  • Office temperature adjustments (Heating / Cooling)
  • Lighting (e.g. ceiling bulb replacements)
  • Security issues
  • Electrical problems
  • Leaking sinks
  • Copying suite keys
  • Large scale projects
  • Equipment removal
  • Lock replacement
  • Electrical outlet installation

Please submit a Service Request ticket for all of your electrical, maintenance, construction and heating and cooling by filling out the form below. For immediate assistance, contact the SSO front desk at (202) 624-5490.

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