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Association Management

Associations and Nonprofits often struggle to rise above the challenges they encounter on daily basis. Lack of operational efficiency, wasted time, and financial burdens often complicate day-to-day business, making organizational needs extremely difficult to meet. The staff of State Services Organization (SSO) has over 30 years of experience providing associations with the support and services they need – at competitive prices achieved through economies of scale in order to meet the individual needs of clients.  

When you partner with SSO, you will be appointed an Account Manager as your point of contact to work under the direction of your Board of Directors. The Account Manager will coordinate seamlessly with our experienced staff of accountants, membership managers, meeting planners, logistics managers, and communications professionals, to provide association management services specifically tailored to your unique requirements. The Account Manager will alleviate the stress of dealing with multiple service providers and vendors while offering the Board invaluable time to focus on formulating a strategic plan.

We provide consultation to determine the necessary steps to meet your goals, and then we will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring the plan is implemented successfully.

Location, Location, Location.

We’re located in the heart of Washington, DC amidst some of the most prominent associations and nonprofits in the world. When you partner with SSO, we will establish your organization’s business office under our address at the Hall of the States building, just two blocks from the Capitol. Our unique location provides synergy among various state and territorial organizations located within DC - this is one of the primary benefits partnering with SSO offers to our clients.

General Management Support and Communications

SSO provides top-notch, full-service administration under the direction of your Board of Directors, Committees, or Leadership team. Whether it's general communication such as acting as a liason between your committees, or ensuring your database is maintained, SSO will provide the support necessary to manage all communications and provide effective administrative support to your organization.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing and providing written monthly reports of inquiries, requests and other management activities performed in the previous month and scheduled for the following month to the Board and/or Committees.
  • Preparing and submitting association filings required by Federal or state law.
  • Maintaining records in accordance with the Association's policies.
  • Answering all calls and e-mail inquiries, and then directing them to the correct party if applicable.
  • Scheduling meetings and providing administrative support to the organzation's Board and Committees.
  • Maintaining the membership database, updating as needed.
  • Under the Board's direction, providing templates and consistent branding accross marketing collateral, newsletters, e-mail blasts, etc.
  • Posting announcements, articles, minutes, publications, and other materials to website.
  • Coordinating additional Board relations and communications as needed.

Accounting and Financial Management

Our full-service Accounting Services Team will work side by side with your Account Manager to provide the financial management services your organization desires. Under the direction of the Board, SSO will utilize an accrual accounting-based system to manage your organization's budgeting and financial activities effectively and in a timely manner.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Completing general ledger accounting.
  • Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • Writing checks; handling electronic fund transfers.
  • Managing bank accounts and bank services, including credit cards and online banking.
  • Handling account reconciliations.
  • Preparing monthly financial statements.
  • Coordinating the year-end closing.
  • Coordinating with auditor for annual financial audit preparation and audit.
    Maintaining and updating the association’s accounting policies & procedures.
  • Managing due payments.
  • Assisting with preparation and monitoring of the annual budget.

IT and Website Management

When it comes to IT services, nobody knows it better than SSO's IT Services Team. Under the direction of the Board, your Account Manager will work to coordinate with SSO's IT Services team to provide comprehensive information technology support including, but not limited to, the following association tools, resources or functions:

  • Setting up and managing your organization's phone line, e-mail accounts, and website
  • Managing your organization's membership database.
  • Handling online membership registration and renewal.
  • Maintaining listserv or other electronic communication/collaboration tools.
  • Upholding your organization's website, including underlying content management system.
  • Streamlining workflow while improving operational efficiency.

Membership Management Services

We understand that your members are the reason you exist! Membership management is an imperative part of day-to-day operations. Our Account Managers are customer service professionals and will treat your members with the attentiveness and gratitude they deserve. Utilizing a centralized membership database, we'll maintain and update membership contact and dues information so that there is complete transparency throughout the year.  SSO will be responsible for membership management duties including, but not limited to:

  • Providing payment processing, membership reporting, and order management.
  • Responding to inquiries/requests for general membership information.
  • Notifying members about program, event and service availabilities.
  • Assuring the online membership directory is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Providing the Board with monthly status reports of membership activities.
  • Creating and providing membership reports, including dues information, upon request in the format requested (if available).
  • Preparing and processing annual dues renewal statements.

Meeting and Event Management

Your events and meetings are one of the biggest generators of your revenue. SSO will work with your Board and Committees to organize, coordinate, plan and carry out event management activities so that everything runs smoothly and as planned. Your Account Manager will work with our professional event planners to carry out the following tasks under the direction of your Board:

  • Planning and implementing conferences from inception through completion.
  • Coordinating event logistics from marketing specifics to AV requirements.
  • Selecting hotel/site and negotiating contracts for guest rooms, meeting services, and catering.
  • Managing online registration and tracking payments.
  • Assisting Committees in coordinating location logistics.
  • Assisting with the management of exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Drafting, printing, posting and/or distributing programs and accompanying materials.

Contact us!

Contact Johnny Hadlock at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or dial (202) 624-8449 to inquire about our Association Management Services.